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Junior Adaptive Sports Camp is a great way to introduce kids to a variety of sports, many of which they are able to continue throughout the year with ASRA's year round sports leagues, clinics and programs.  

Here is what people are saying about camp:

" One of my favorite things is being able to come to camp and play sports just like my brothers"

ETHAN, Age 12- Skeletal Dysplasia - has 3 able-bodied brothers

" Camp has given me the opportunity to give back as a counselor after having been a camper for so many years. I love teaching the kids about tennis! They are amazing!"

LAUREN- Age 18 - Spina Bifida - star tennis player

"I LOVE Sports Camp! I get to see my friends who are just like me and try sports I never thought I could do- like water skiing!"

ANNAMARIA-Age 10 - Cerebral Palsy


ASRA Sports Camp 2015 from ra creations studio on Vimeo.

 Camp - Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who can participate?

Jr. Adaptive Sports Camp is designed for children (ages 4 to 18) with a permanent physical disability such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, amputation, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injury, etc. The sports camp most benefits an individual with some use of their arms to push a wheelchair but we are able to accommodate in the case of limited ability. Please contact the office at (619) 336-1806 to discuss your child’s individual needs

  • My child doesn’t use a wheelchair but has physical limitations. Is this the right camp for them? Do you have wheelchairs to borrow?

Children with a physical disability can often walk with braces, canes or crutches and don’t use a wheelchair on a daily basis. However, they may lack the ability to fully participate in regular sports because they cannot run and jump as quickly as their able bodied counterparts. We have specially designed sports wheelchairs for our campers to use while they are at camp and throughout the year if they participate in our year round programs. We do encourage campers to bring their own wheelchairs if they have them.

  • What adaptive sports will be offered?

The sports offered vary slightly from year to year but here is a general list of what your child may experience at this year’s camp: Wheelchair Basketball, Sailing, Golf, Water Polo, Wheelchair Rugby, Wheelchair Soccer, Hand Cycling, Roller Hockey, Water Tubing, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Water Skiing, Archery, Wheelchair Tennis, CAF Swim Clinic.

  • Who will be supervising my child at camp?

Our camp counselors and adaptive sports coaches all have years of experience working with children with physical disabilities. Many are graduates of our camp and are now successful adults in the world and volunteer to give back by acting as role models and mentors for the current campers. Others are professionals in adaptive sports (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists) or physical rehab services (Physical and Occupational Therapists. All of our coaches and counselors are well screened and have all passed Live Scan background checks through the State of California.

  • What are the times, dates and location of camp?

Camp runs for six days, Monday through Saturday, July 24th – July 29th from 9am to 4pm, (Sat 9-1)

The locations are:

Monday & Tuesday:

North Crown Point Shores in Mission Bay

3709 Corona Oriente Road

San Diego, CA 92109

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday:

San Diego Mira Mar College

10440 Black Mountain Road

San Diego, CA 92126

  • I live far from the camp locations, is transportation available?

Yes, we have bus transportation available from five locations in San Diego County for an additional fee. The exact locations will be announced.

Transportation Pick up points:

North County Coastal

North County Inland

Central County

East County

South County

  • My child needs help with toileting or medications. Are nurses available to help with medication or toileting issues?

Yes, we have professional nursing staff available throughout the day for first aide and any other medical needs. 

  • My child needs extra help. Can we send an attendant?

Yes, we encourage campers who are not able to push their own wheelchair or need extra assistance with personal needs to bring their own aide or attendant. These aides must be at least 16 years old and must complete all of the waivers for our camp.

  • Is lunch provided?

Yes, your camper will be fed a nutritional lunch each day. Vegetarian options are available (please indicate this in the dieting section of the registration form). Water is provided throughout the day.

  • My child won’t be available for the whole week of camp. Can they come for a few days?

While we encourage all campers to attend the full week of camp to get the most benefit, we recognize that sometimes there are scheduling conflicts. Please contact our office at (619) 336-1806 to discuss your needs.

  • What is the cost?

The camp fee is $225 per camper, plus $75 for bus transportation if requested. Scholarships are available for those demonstrating a need. If you are interested in scholarship dollars, Please contact the ASRA at (619) 336-1806 to apply. 

  • Can I stay with my child or observe them while they are at camp?

We prefer that campers be given the opportunity to experience camp on their own. We find that this provides them the extra degree of independence that we are working towards. Our counselors, coaches, nurses and volunteers are well trained and have experience in the needs of campers with physical disabilities and should be able to handle any situation that arises. However, On Saturday we invite the whole family to come and watch while your camper demonstrates all that they have learned over the week, showing their new skills, friendships and independence.

  • Do you have any programs after summer camp is over?

Yes! We have ongoing programs throughout the year and would love to have our campers join these after their camp experience is over. Please go to our website www.adaptivesportsandrec.org, check us out on facebook.com/AdaptiveSportsRecreationAssociation, or contact the office at (619) 336-1806 for more information on our year round sports.

  • Do you have programs for adults with a physical disability?

Yes! Our programs go from ages 4 years through adult. We have a competitive adult wheelchair basketball team in addition to other recreational teams and handcycling events.

  • Is there an age limit for participation in your year round adaptive sports?

No. While the Jr. Adaptive Sports Camp serves ages 4 to 18 years, we also offer other programs for all ages. Additionally, many of our adult athletes volunteer at the Jr. Adaptive Sports Camp as sports coaches or counselors.

  • How can I send you a donation or sponsor a program?

Yes! Donations are graciously accepted on the camp website. Go to the website www.asrasportscamp.org under “Donate” or contact Teresa Miller, Camp Director at 858-518-4202.


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